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Bed Bugs
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COVID-19 Information
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Asthma / Anaphylaxis / Food Allergies

Nebraska Rule 59 Response to Life Threatening Asthma and Anaphylaxis 
* Rule 59 Training Resources (PPT, Tests, Skills Cards, Emergency Reporting Forms)

Rule 59 Regulation
Free Epi Pens

Medical Statement Form to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodation

FARE – Food Allergy Research and Education includes information on:
* Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
* School Guidelines for Managing Students with Food Allergies
* Online Food Allergy Toolkit for School Nurses
* Staff Education
* Laws and Regulations Concerning Food Allergies

Asthma Action Plans:
American Lung Association
CDC Asthma Action Plan
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Food Allergy Action Plans (Spanish and English):
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
American Academy of Pediatrics
NE DHHS Special Diets — Info, Training, Form
* Meal Accommodation Forms
* Trainings
* Milk Substitute Info
* Food Allergy Info and Forms

Bed Bugs

Guidance for Parents about Bed Bugs
Guidance for School Nurses about Bed Bugs
Guidance for School Administrators and Staff
Sample Bed Bug Letter to Parents

Bed Bug Action Plan for Schools
EPA Bed Bug Guidance for Schools
Bed Bug School Guidelines
UNL – Managing Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Advice for Parents

CDC Health Advisories / Disease Guidance

CDC Diseases and Conditions
Subscribe to NE HHS Health Advisor


CDC Concussion Information
NDE Return to Learn: Bridging the Gap booklet, Second Edition, December 2018
Concussion Law 2014
Nebraska HHS Concussion Survey
Brain Injury in Children and Youth: A Manual for Educators
REAP Concussion Manual


COVID-19 Information

CDC COVID19 Homepage
CDC COVID19 Guidance for Schools
World Health Organization COVID19 Homepage
State Public Health Department

Local Public Health Departments:
Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department = Cedar, Dixon, Wayne, Thurston counties
Dakota County Public Health Department
North Central District Public Health Department = Knox County


American Diabetes Association – Safe at School Program
Diabetes at School – Staff Training
Diabetes Medical Management Plans (DMMP) for Schools
Self-Management of Diabetes at School Consent/Release Form
Hypoglycemia/Hyperglycemia Emergency Care Plans
BAQSIMI Info and Training

Head Lice

CDC Head Lice Information for Schools
NASN Headfirst Lice Lessons Program
American Academy of Pediatrics on Head Lice
NASN Head Lice Management in the School Setting-Position Statement

Health Screenings

School Health Screening Regulations

Infection Control

School Health Program – Exclusion and Infection Control Guidelines


Immunization Requirements per Age Group
State Immunizations Registry

Medication Administration Resources

Rule 59 – Med Aid Regulations
Guidelines for Med Administration
Medication Administration Summary
Medication Aide Training, Forms, Tests
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Mental Health Resources


To learn more about Narcan offers, please visit the Narcan official website
NASN Narcan Position Statement
NASN Narcan in Schools Toolkit
*Please contact for training, policy, procedures, etc.

Nebraska Emergency Guidelines for Schools

DHHS Emergency School Guidelines

Nursing Procedure Info

DHHS School Health Procedures Handbook
Oxygen Guidelines for NE Schools

Nebraska School Nurse Resources

NDE School Health Services
* Mandatory Staff Training Resources
* School Nurse Trainings
* School Nurse Mentor Program
* Disease/Condition-Specific Information
* Health/Dental Screening Resources
* Mental Health Resources

State School Nurse Contacts:

Kim McClintick, MSN, RN
School Health Coordinator
Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Andrea Riley, BSN, RN
School Health Liaison
Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Public Health

Your local public health department is a great resource. For additional information:

Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department
Dakota County Public Health
North Central District Health Department

School Health Rules and Regulations

To learn more, please consult the DHHS Public Health Document


NDE Seizure Resources
Seizure Safe Schools Act
* Mandatory Staff Training
Seizure Response Plan
Seizure Forms – Documentation, Action Plans, Event Diaries

Training for students, teachers and nurses:
CDC Epilepsy in Schools
Managing Children with Epilepsy: A School Nurse Guide

Stop the Bleed Training

Stop the Bleed Website
Stop the Bleed Informational Video
To check out ESU 1’s Stop the Bleed Kit, please contact us at (402) 287-2061.