School Psychology Program

The ESU #1 school psychology program provides services in consultation, assessment and intervention to assist educators, parents and other professionals in understanding the learning, social-emotional and behavioral needs of students and in identifying effective strategies to help all children be successful learners.

Local school districts contract with ESU #1 for school psychology services, which are provided by an ESU #1 psychologist assigned to each district. Services may be requested by educators, parents or other professionals through the multidisciplinary team of the local school district.

These services include:

• Consultation to provide effective alternatives to teachers, parents and administrators about problems in learning and behavior.

• Assessment of learning aptitude, academic skills, social and behavior needs, and eligibility for special education services.

• Intervention to help children experiencing problems with learning and adjustment, including educational strategies, behavior management, social skills training and, when appropriate, individual or small group counseling.

• In-Service/education for educators, parents or communities about child development, learning and behavior interventions and parenting skills.

• Assessment and support services for children with autism.

• Multicultural assessment.

Billie Hightree-Sitzmann – Psychology Coordinator –