The Nebraska ASD Network was established in 2002 and consists of five ASD regions, an ASD state coordinator, the Nebraska Department of Education and the University of Nebraska System, which provides consultation regarding training on autism. The ASD Network is funded by IDEA Part B Set-Aside Funds from NDE.

The goal of the ASD Network is to assist education personnel in gaining knowledge and expertise in serving students with ASD, thus building the capacity of local school districts in providing a free, appropriate public education based on each student’s needs.

Visit the Northeast Regional ASD Network web page for referral forms, trainings and resources.

School districts may request consultative services from regional teams to assist with assessment and verification, IFSP and IEP development and in planning appropriate services for children birth to 2 years of age. Regional libraries provide educational resources for both school districts and parents. 

Upon receipt of a referral to the Autism Team, the regional coordinator (i.e., Abby Pfister) will contact the school regarding scheduling. More specifically, she will schedule classroom observations of the student and a meeting with the local MDT or IEP members. At this meeting, a Technical Assistance Plan will be developed to guide the MDT/IEP members in working with the student. On an as-needed basis, the ASD members will be contacted to assist the local MDT/IEP members in completing evaluations or interventions (i.e., as determined by the regional coordinator and the MDT/IEP members). The goal of the ASD team is to build the local capacity of the local MDT/IEP teams; therefore, whenever possible, the local team (i.e., MDT/IEP members) will conduct the evaluation and interventions to the student.

The ASD Network provides the following services for professionals and parents in Nebraska:

Information Dissemination
Each region maintains resources and information. Please contact your regional coordinator for a list of materials.

Training and Technical Assistance
Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Development of Educational Programming

Services are coordinated through the school districts. If you would like assistance from your regional ASD team, please contact your regional coordinator. The Northeast Regional Coordinator is Abby Pfister at ESU #7,

Educational Service Unit #1 team members include:

Abby Pfister, Northeast Regional Autism Coordinator
Becky Eckhardt, SCC Special Service Director
Stuart Clark, ESU #1 Special Education Director
Lynn Sullivan, ESU #1 Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (PSP Provider)
Carol McGuire, ESU #1 Speech and Language Pathologist (PSP Provider)
Chris Hanson-Harder, ESU #1 Occupational Therapist (PSP Provider)
Nicole Swain, ESU #1 School Psychologist
Jessica Johnson, SSC Special Education Teacher
Rebecca Jepsen, ESU Level III Teacher
Ashley Kerkman, ESU #1 Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (PSP Provider)
Chelsea Umscheid, ESU #1 Occupational Therapist (PSP Provider)
Bobbi Hightree, ESU #1 School Psychologist
Billie Sitzmann, ESU #1 School Psychologist
Jenna Hoffman, SSC Special Education Teacher
Leah Clark, Pender School Psychologist, BCBA
Kayla Brewer, Pender Special Education Teacher