Brain Injury Regional School Support Team

ESU #1, #7 and #8 have banded together to create this region’s school support team for brain injury. Through a grant provided by the State of Nebraska, staff from these ESUs receive yearly training on brain injury. The team members serving on this specialty team are:

ESU #1
Arianne Conley
Project Director for the Northeast Region (402) 369-6700

Heather Barron-Galvan
School Psychologist

ESU #8
Sonya Simons
School Psychologist (402) 640-2873

Services we provide include:

• Consultation with you and/or your staff if a child in your district sustains a head injury

• Staff education on concussion management

• Staff education on head injury and its impact on educational performance

Please contact the Central Office at (402) 287-2061 or Arianne Conley at (402) 369-6700 if you need this team to consult with your district.