Migrant Education Program

What is the Nebraska Migrant Education Program?

The ESU #1 Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides migratory students under the age of 21 with supplemental support and instructional services to help them overcome obstacles created by the migratory lifestyle. Our services provide migratory students with the opportunity to meet the same challenging academic content standards that all Nebraska students are expected to meet. Our primary focus for these students is school readiness, English language arts and math instruction, and graduation and services to out-of-school youth.  

The Migrant Education Program promotes interstate and intrastate coordination of services for migrant children, providing for educational continuity through the timely transfer of pertinent school records.

Another primary purpose of the MEP is to ensure that the special educational needs of migratory children are identified and addressed. 

Our program sponsors family literacy services for migratory children and their families.

MEP serves students under the age of 21 who have moved to the area in the last three years with or to join a parent working in agriculture. 

If you work in a district and have students you think may qualify for our program, you have two options for referral. You can contact our recruiter at ESU #1, Virgelina Sierra-Rios (see below), or use our new web referral tool at idrreferral.net.

* Heather Hackett – Migrant Education Service Coordinator – hhackett@esu1.org

* Blanca Nuno – South Sioux City Migrant Ed Service Provider – bnuno@esu1.org
* Elba Olvera – Wakefield-area Migrant Ed Service Provider – eolvera@esu1.org
* Tatiana Figueroa – Norfolk Migrant Ed Service Provider – tfigueroa@esu1.org

* Virgelina Sierra-Rios – Migrant Education Recruiter – vsierrarios@esu1.org
*Lucy Padilla – Migrant Education Data Entry Clerk – lpadilla@esu1.org

Any further questions about Migrant Education in Nebraska can be answered by this brochure created by the Department of Education:

What does the Nebraska Migrant Education Program do?