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What are Educational Service Units?

The service units were created by the state Legislature in 1965 and later placed under the jurisdiction of the Nebraska Department of Education.
Historically, the purpose of the ESUs has been to provide services that individual school districts can’t economically or efficiently provide for themselves. As the school districts identified new needs, the diversity of services offered by ESUs evolved.

What services do you provide?

For a full list of our services, please visit our Services page.

What career opportunities are available at ESU 1?

If you are looking to make a difference in the lives of Nebraska’s public school students, we greatly encourage you to view our current openings. If you have specific question about possible openings, or general employment questions, please reach out to us at: applications@esu1.org

How do you receive funding?

Each ESU is financed by a combination of property tax funds, state funds and service contracts with individual school districts. Because the ESU #1 service area includes several counties, the modest contribution of taxpayers provides a base from which the unit functions.

ESUs receive state funds based on a formula to support staff development, media and technology training and infrastructure. School contracts are individualized, based on each school district’s specific requirements. Rates charged for special education services are monitored and approved by the Nebraska Department of Education.

How do I contact ESU 1 personnel?

For a full list of our staff, please visit our Staff Contacts page or call 402-287-2061.