• Sunrise view of ESU #1 Central Office in Wakefield
    ESU #1 Central Office
  • 01-31-24 ACT Writing Scoring
    01-31-24 ACT Writing Scoring
  • 01-30-24 New Teacher Cadre
    01-30-24 New Teacher Cadre
  • 01-26-24 Day 1 of Early Childhood PD Palooza
    01-26-24 Day 1 of Early Childhood PD Palooza
  • 01-25-24 Erik Francis Depth of Knowledge
    01-25-24 Erik Francis Depth of Knowledge
  • 01-24-24 Superintendent Meeting
    01-24-24 Superintendent Meeting

Mission: Providing Innovation, Leadership and Service

Educational Service Unit #1 proudly serves children in school districts in Cedar, Dakota, Dixon, Knox, Thurston and Wayne counties in northeast Nebraska.

ESU #1 is headquartered in Wakefield and provides a wide range of services to 23 school districts, including professional development, digital learning and internet services, and student support for individuals with special needs.

Educational Service Units were created by the Nebraska Unicameral in 1965. The purpose of the ESU is to provide services that individual school districts cannot economically or efficiently provide for themselves.

Vision: ESU #1 will model excellence by helping schools increase educators effectiveness and student learning as a result of expert services.

What's new at ESU #1