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ESU #10 NeSA Videos
The professional development team at ESU 10 has put together a series of short video podcasts on NeSA. The content of these podcasts range from what NeSA is to understanding the reports produced from NeSA. By clicking on the link provided, you will be taken to the video series table of contents where you can select one or all of the short podcasts for viewing.

John Baylor Instructional Video
ESU #1 schools using the John Baylor Test Prep system will want to watch this instructional video. In 5 minutes, the process for reporting ACT scores in a designed spreadsheet will be explained. Each school participating in the Baylor process will receive the spreadsheet via email.
Download QuickTime file HERE

Table of Specifications
This short video presentation highlights what NeSA is and the subjects and grade levels tested. A brief overview of the Table of Specifications is given identifying its connection to NeSA.
Download QuickTime file HERE




ESU #1 Virtual Tour
Take a tour of the ESU #1 Central Office, located in Wakefield, Nebraska.

Basics of Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus is an online vocabulary tool provided by the NNNC to its districts. This video is an introduction to the Visual Thesaurus homepage and generating and understanding how to use word clouds.

Google Webinar Series

Google Accounts and Calendars
Instructions on how to create a Google account for use with all Google apps. Creating and sharing Google calendars also covered.

Google Docs Basics
How to create, edit, share and collaborate in Google Docs. Hands-on experience with the collaboration power in Google Docs.
**It is highly recommended participants have a Google account.

Google Drive and Forms
Google Doc users need a means of organizing and locating their documents.
Google Drive provides a way to do just that. Instruction on how to create,
share and collect data in Google Forms.
**It is highly recommended participants have a Google account.

Advanced Forms and Flubaroo
For Google Form users who want to do more with the Form app, this session will focus on how to incorporate logic into forms and add images. Flubaroo is a script that can be added into Google Forms to correct any assessments given. **It is highly recommended participants have a Google account and experience using Google Forms.

COOP Training
Video of Feb. 14, 2014, COOP training with Kip Schneider at ESU #1.
90 minutes.

BYOC Training
Each recorded webinar approximately 30 minutes long.

BYOC for Administrators
This webinar will cover the administrative functions in BYOC,
such as adding new teachers, assigning departments/standards, etc.

BYOC for Teachers: Part 1
This webinar will take the teacher from the very beginning of BYOC,
with course and unit creations.

BYOC for Teachers: Part 2

This webinar will take the teacher into the topics
and learning target areas of BYOC and tie standards to topics.

Concussion Training
Concussion to Classroom: Return to Learn
90-minute video with Cathy Schroeder and Karen Wall
from April 14, 2014.

Following a concussion, communication among physicians, the school districts and parents is essential to ensure information is shared and provided to all involved in the management of a student’s return to academics and/or athletics. Best practices include the following: *Return to activity before return to learn before return to play. *Participants will receive all forms necessary to set up their schools concussion management teams and protocols.

Refresher Webinars
Get the basics on some of the tools available to schools in ESU #1.
Each webinar is about 30 minutes long.

Learn how to sign in and personalize your account, do basic searches,
create playlists, locate resources to support Nebraska standards,
create favorites/bookmarks and much more.

Visual Thesaurus
Learn how to sign in to your account, do basic word searches,
understand the components of a word web, create word lists,
investigate classroom uses for Visual Thesaurus and much more.

World Book Online
Learn how to sign in to your account, do basic searches,
organize research for projects, use citation builder, investigate classroom
uses for World Book and much more.

Concussion Management Team Training
ABC’s of Your Concussion Management Team
70-minute video with Cathy Schroeder from Oct. 13, 2014.



Questions? Comments? Please email Scott or Tracey.