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Sharon Van Cleave, PowerSchool Consultant

Contact Information
Email: scleave@esu1.org
Home: 402-256-3447
Cell: 402-518-0678
Skype account: scleave
AIM account: vancleaves100550

Available Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
August 1st - June 15th

Sharon’s Calendar

PowerSchool Resources

Pearson’s Tech Support — PowerSource
To Join: Nebraska PowerSchool Users Group NEPSUG
Email NEPSUG powerschool@lists.esu10.org
To Join: PowerSchool User’s Group (Yahoo) — PSUG Home Page
Email PSUG (Yahoo) — PSUG@yahoogroups.com
Sponsored by ESU 10 — PowerSchool Community

Other PowerSchool Resources
PowerData Solutions
Phoenix Learning Systems (Richard James)


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