ESU #1 is AdvancEd Accredited

We were officially re-accredited by AdvancEd on June 20, 2017. This accreditation is good for five years. Throughout the term of this accreditation, we must continue to engage in the responsibilities of continuous improvement and the pursuit of educational excellence. 

To earn accreditation, a service unit must meet the AdvancEd accreditation standards, implement a continuous process of improvement, and host an external review team once every five years.  

As a part of the accreditation process, a team of trained professionals from across the state and nation reviewed our documents and performance data; interviewed agency and community stakeholders; and observed agency practices in action. The team offered both commendations and recommendations to the agency.

“AdvancEd accreditation demonstrates that ESU #1 has met the highest level of standards. We are proud of our partnerships with school districts and the recognition for outstanding service provided by our employees,” said ESU #1 Administrator Dr. Bill Heimann. 

We are proud to be AdvancEd accredited since October 2011.

AdvancED — External Review Team Report, March 2017

Educational Service Unit #1 strives to be a leader in all aspects of education. We continually examine our practices to determine if our mission and goals represent who we are as a partner to area school districts.

Our mission is to Provide Innovation, Leadership and Service. Our vision is to model excellence by helping schools increase educators’ effectiveness and student learning as a result of expert services.

As we reflect on who we are as a service agency, we value the professional staff we employ and our partners within the school districts of northeast Nebraska.

Just as school districts continuously review their data and practices, ESU #1 examines the services we provide to:

• Determine goals for each department that align with our agency goals.

• Gather data from a variety of sources including staff and the students, teachers, administrators, parents and communities we work with.

• Provide focus, guidance, and direction through the development of action plans.

• Implement strategies, gather resources, establish timelines, collect and analyze data, and evaluate our services.

The continuous improvement process allows us to:

• Prioritize and establish a clear vision of what we expect of ourselves.

• Integrate and coordinate departments, efforts and activities toward a common set of goals so as to maximize the impact of our work.

• Identify our strengths and areas of concern and provides the basis for data analysis and improvement planning.

• Continuously evaluate the data regarding our progress and the effectiveness of the work we are doing.

Together, with our schools, we continue to look for ways to improve instructional skills and student achievement. By continually examining who we are, we can narrow our focus to efforts that will have the greatest impact. ESU #1 takes pride in the success of its staff, students and the school districts we serve.